Jacky Logan: Fitness Dance Classes and DJ for Ballroom dancing


About Jacky

Jacky Logan has been a DJ since 1980. Having run a mobile disco for parties, benefits and clubs, she turned her hand to Ballroom and Latin Dance Music in 1994. DJ Jacky's Jukebox has run a regular Ballroom and Latin dance night at the Rivoli Ballroom on the First Saturday of the months since 1996, and was one of the regular DJs for the Stratford Town Hall Monday Afternoon Tea Dance. She also runs the Pink Jukebox Dance Club with Ralf Schiller.

Jacky's DJ skills include encouraging the participants to join in with the dancing. As part of the function, she can lead demonstrations that will introduce beginners to the magic of partner dance. She facilitates learning of basic steps as part of any function including: Country & Western Line dance, Basic Argentinean Tango, Ballroom & Latin Dance, 70's line dance, Old Time sequences, Basic Salsa.


Recently Jacky has combined DJ'ing with reminiscence projects for Older People, exploring social settings and demonstrating dance styles from the last 6 decades.


Jacky is a complete Ballroom and Latin 'dance addict' and is part of a Same Sex formation dance group called the Pink Dancers. She has 12 years experience of organising and playing music for International Dance Competitions and is a foundling committee member of the UKSSDC (UK Same-Sex Dance Council). Jacky was also involved in forming the current ESSDA (European Same-Sex dance Council).


Jacky's Jukebox caters for all ages. Her DJ services are very versatile and can meet most challenges for themed functions or events for people new to Ballroom and Latin dance.


Jacky competes in the International dance competitions with her partner Mary, see the Danish Open Dance Championships


Here is a really great interview with Jacky by Marianka Swain in "Dance Today"; "interview here" .


Another interview with Jacky is on the "same sex dancing blog" , under the title Jacky and the Pink Jukebox Trophy it starts, "Jacky Logan... you may know her from Jacky's Jukebox otherwise known simply as "the Rivoli", also the Pink Jukebox where she skillfully provides the music, Jacky is one of the Pink Dancers, she is involved in the UKSSDC... and there is so much, much more to her.


Frankly, it is impossible to "sum Jacky ...", for the full post click here


To find out about Same-Sex competitive dancing see the UKSSDC , and for competitions abroad see the ESSDA.

Join the Pink Jukebox Trophy forum about the annual London same-sex dance competition on Facebook.

For those who are participating in competition dancing for the first time there is a fun competition held at the Rivoli in the afternoon preceeding the Jackys Jukebox Dance Night on the 1st Saturday in October. For more details see www.funcompetition.co.uk.